For those who wish to be enrolled in Master’s and Doctoral Programs

If you are interested in pursuing research as a graduate student with us (Mizuno Group) at Yokohama National University, you need to apply for the Master’s Program (Prof. Mizuno is not eligible to officially supervise a student in the Doctoral Program this year, but there is still a way that you can join our group as a doctoral candidate). Mizuno Group welcomes promising young students who propose new ideas for their graduate degrees. If you have any queries on potential research topics for your graduate work, please contact Prof. Mizuno with your academic CV. As for your questions about how to apply for the graduate programs, please contact the Graduate School of Engineering Science Section. Note that we can accept only one Master student from outside YNU in spring in 2022 (excluding government-sponsored international students), resulting in a highly competitive selection.

Distributed strain measurement along an optical fiber.